Sifnos: an Italian experience at Mamma Mia

Owned by an Italian family, Mamma Mia has been serving traditional Italian fare since 1988. Pippo Miano, the owner, together with his two sons and wife serve delicious food in two great locations in Sifnos. You can choose between lunch/dinner by the sea at the Platis Gialos beach, or the cosy atmosphere in Apollonia.

Photojournal: the famous fair of Vroukounta in Karpathos

The story of the Vroukounta fair in this sacred spot in Karpathos goes way back. Every year at the end of August locals and visitors alike take on the mountainous trail starting from Avlonas on foot or by boat to reach the little church-like outpost of Agios Ioannis that lies inside this hidden cave. The fair starts at night with a big feast until the early morning hours and everyone settles for a quick impromptu nap outside the church. The morning after everyone attends the church ritual and carry on the fair until late at night.

Neighbourhoods: urban life in Pangrati

Known for its urban ambience yet a homey neighbourhood feel, Pangrati was always a favourite amongst the art and politics circles, also attracting visiting students due to its central location next to all of Athens' vibrant life. Its recent influx of tourists and the abundance of short-term lets has given it an international vibe giving birth to new spots and ideas available for the curious ones to explore.

Naxos: To Spitiko Galaktoboureko, where locals hang in Chalkion

Tending to locals must be a tough job for a small coffee place, even for those few ones up in the mountains of Naxos in Chalkion. And Kafeneio Galanis (or else To Spitiko Galaktoboureko) must be doing something really good to attract all of them day after day. And discovering such places in remote locations can only be rewarding. Even if it's for some small meze and a delicious dessert to go with it!

Thessaloniki: finally, an all-day art coffee space at Ypsilon

Launching an all-day coffee space in a town where drinking coffee is the prime activity all-day long should be easy. But the team at Ypsilon café is trying to innovate and attract the art scene, apart from the busy students and early innovators (yes, you read right, these are the ultra cool kids) that have taken note just as this space opened a few days in.

The Weekly Getaway: San Francisco "Summer of Love"

Trying to escape New York’s heat, I took a flight to San Francisco wishing I could find some fresh air, sea views and good food. And indeed I found what I was looking for! The San Francisco weather is ideal at this time of the year, not too cold, not too warm, the perfect balance to climb 80-degree steep hills all day long! 

Sifnos: Nothing compares to Omega 3 fish & wine bar

The beach of Platys Gialos is one of the most popular sandy beaches of Sifnos. Apart from its natural beauty, Platys Gialos is home to a great variety of restaurants. From Greek traditional tavernas, to an authentic Italian restaurant and several all-day beach bars, visitors can simply choose what they crave . However, ever since 2013, Omega 3 has become the talk of the island and is justifiably the #1.