New York: Sunday brunch at Buvette

Sundays are for late starts, mostly, but when jetlag hits you or you generally are an early-riser, make sure you get Buvette on your list for a perfect Sunday brunch! French acquired character, buzzing vibes and romantic indoors give this place an extra kick... apart from their delicious bites!

Neighbourhoods: A day in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

My favorite part when discovering a new city is finding different neighborhoods and spotting various cute places to grab food, shop, or simply walk around. When I first moved to New York a few months ago, I knew Brooklyn was the new « place to be ». I had already been to Williamsburg and really enjoyed it but never had the occasion to explore other further areas and places in this neighborhood.

The Weekly Getaway: Exploring Baku

When I landed on a cloudy, fall day in Azerbaijan’s capital city of Baku, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was described by Lonely Planet as a cross between Paris and Dubai, which is right up my alley.  I braced myself though, as a city’s charm can sometimes be different online versus in person.

Athens: Koukounari restaurant is almost like a cute nest

In recent years, Sunday is the day that I like the most. I have time to oversleep and do things that I really love. Recently, I've made a custom with my daughter: we have a date! Just the two of us, investing some of our free time in our mother-daughter relationship starting from early morning to the evening. We go to the theater and then we go for lunch. Both of us adore theatrical performances and both of us are food and restaurant lovers.

News: Amman hosts European Film Festival

If our Weekly Getaway hasn’t already given you many reasons to visit Amman, we’ll add one more to the list. Home to a growing art scene, from the 23rd November to the 2nd December Amman is hosting its annual European Film Festival.