Athens: specialty coffee and herbs at Kaldi

Ever since last year, specialty coffee is really becoming a thing, even in the crisis-striken capital of Greece where the extra bucks are not enough for the average Joe to be investing them in gourmet coffee beans and what have you. Mind you though, the average Greek Joe will indeed appreciate good coffee and a smile, which is exactly what Kaldi is about.

New York: as brunch is supposed to be, Sunday in Brooklyn

There are many reasons why Williamsburg, and Brooklyn as a whole, has been on people's "hot list" for years now. Some talk about its quite, yet fun, neighborhoods, others about its hipster vibes, while people like me, about its interesting restaurants. I recently visited Sunday in Brooklyn, and I can say it is much more than just a neighborhood restaurant offering brunch, and it's all because of Jaime Young, former chef of Atera in Manhattan.

Photojournal: navigating through Cairo's contrasting realities

Traveling in Cairo can be an adventurous pursuit, whether it's across the vast desert-like rural landscape or throughout the dirt in the more urban neighborhoods. Similar to other poor tribes of the Middle-eastern world, Egyptians don't quite loose their cool as they go about their daily lives. Despite the contrasting images and tough reality, navigating through Cairo is a real treat with many photo opportunities left and right.

Athens: cosy coffee and homey brunch at Dizer

Sometimes it feels great to go off the beaten path to discover new places, and Dizer in the northern Athenian suburb of Pefki is definitely a favourite one. Serving specialty coffee and homey breakfast/brunch treats, Dizer is a great hideout away from the crowds of Kifisia on lazy weekend mornings.

News: Supersonic jets may soon be back!

The race to bring back supersonic flight hasn't quite been unfolding at the speed of sound —err, the last supersonic jet namely Concorde was pulled back in 2013. But, if news out of the Paris Air Show last Tuesday is any indication, it might finally be picking up pace

Dublin: urban chic dining at Neon Asian Street Food

Asian street food? Authentically made? And with a soft ice cream cone in the end? We're down for it!

We normally put emphasis on the high-end restos and other more sophisticated establishments when we think of good food. But it comes so often that some authentic joints out there do indeed pay tribute to what most people want: simple, tasty (and decently priced) food.

Recipe: Orange Cake with Thyme

There are times when we crave something sweet but lack the energy to make anything too complicated, and thus these cakes are perfect for those moments. They satisfy your sweet tooth and don’t leave you feeling too full. The sweet flavor of the oranges and peppery fresh taste of thyme are the perfect match, while these cakes can be made with many other creative combinations!

New York: hip Vietnamese food at Bunker

New Yorkers always seek new places to try out, new cuisines to taste (if they are any left), and eventually their next #1 on their list. Well for those who've been living in NY for some years now, Bunker Vietnamese is definitely a familiar place and the good news is they've moved to a bigger and brighter location.